Our Aim

A child needs a happy and positive environment in which to blossom.  At Little Scholars Pre-Primary we provide your child with a relaxed and happy environment that amply prepares him/her for the challenges of primary school.  Our school caters for each individual child's needs. 

We follow an integrated government and private school curriculum:

    Children learn from spontaneous participation, through the use of
                      correct learning media.

    Children learn through play – they are socially active beings, preparing
              themselves for life.

     We concentrate on 3 learning areas - Numeracy, Literacy and Lifeskills

 Our qualified staff offer a stimulating program.  There are extra-mural activities to choose from and we care for the entire family.

 We aim to develop a happy and secure “whole” child, by equipping him/her with the intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills they need to fulfill their potential.

   Our Motto

There are many important things in life...

but there are few as important as our children


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